Information for your, Apple product related activities, hardware, APP's, peripherals and more.

Need to work out and understand just what your student child needs in the technology area? How do you keep track of and manage your family's use of technology?

Early childhood through to University and beyond, my thoughts and suggestions are provided. Get technology decisions/investment right from the start. Avoid expensive mistakes and waste of $$$ , frustration and time.

Looking at a technology setup for the home or small office? Ask your questions in the Q&A area or write me some email. Browse the publications area. Look through the Places of Interest area. 

The world is digital. Make it integrated, easy to use, with you all the time, and always under your control.

Your TV is no longer a standalone device. Integrate it with your Apple hardware (iPad, iPod-Touch, iPhone, iMAC).  

The Apple collection of products, Apps, peripherals and services, can provide you and your family with a safe, secure, friendly, digital, social, working, life and entertainment, tools and services.

  • Enjoy
  • Music throughout the home via Apple devices
  • Video from iPad/iMAC/iPhone/iPod devices to the TV screen
  • Apple TV and it's use
  • AirTunes AirPlay AirPrint 
  • iCloud use and features
  • APP's with purpose, functionality and ease of use.
  • and much more….

At home, work, school, university or on the move. From travel on land, sea or air, by automobiles, boats to motorcycles, Apple devices and peripherals can satisfy your digital, learning, viewing, reading, writing and social needs.

I am pleased to be able to assist you in enjoying Apple systems, for your benefit and to the fullest, in a safe, secure, informative and importantly, understandable and friendly way.


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